To have a foot fetish means to have a sexual preoccupation with the feet. As a result, you’re turned on by your bare feet, toes, and ankles.

People’s preference for their feet may differ from another person’s.

Looking at feet has the power to turn some people on. Others may enjoy having their nails painted or wearing jewellery or other adornments.

Others find sexual satisfaction in foot care practises such as massaging or worshipping the soles of their feet

A Foot fetish London is a well-known and popular sexual inclination. To put it another way, it’s more widely known and discussed than other kinds of fetishes.

According to one piece of research

Nearly half of those polled, according to Trusted Source, admitted to having a foot fetish, also known as podophilia.

Sexual kinks are as diverse as fashion and music tastes.

Things that others may consider banal can pique someone’s interest or repel them.

Though the appeal of feet isn’t entirely clear, there have been a few hypotheses put forth to explain why some people are so fascinated by them and foot play in general.

Nerve endings cover the soles of your feet, and more nerve endings mean more intense sensations.

Rubs, tickles, and massages can all feel a lot better on feet than they do anywhere else.


The humiliation associated with having a foot fetish is one of its psychological components. People often think of feet as being on a lower social strata. To put it another way, some people consider the feet to be unimportant body parts.

London Mistress says This creates a dynamic that some people enjoy: they enjoy the feeling of being “lower” in society than their spouse or partner. They enjoy being put in their place or having your feet on them as a form of power play.