10 Strange Sexual Fetishes

Social norms classify these erotic practises as uncommon, perverse, or even harmful, but despite their rarity, they have a small following.

Our species has mastered the art of having a good time while having sex. For humans, anything is possible: love, hate, self-love, three in the bed, ten in bed… There are countless possibilities. Although society views some sexual obsessions as odd or even dangerous, some people actually enjoy them.

Social norms classify these sexual practises as uncommon, perverse, or even unhealthy, but psychiatry sees much more than just sex in them.

People with ‘paraphilias,’ or strange or irregular sex-related behaviours, are more socially accepted than those without. Those who suffer from paraphilia engage in sexual acts that are not conventionally pleasurable, such as fetishistic behaviour and engaging in non-conventional sexual acts.

Here Are A Few Sexual Practises That Are Out Of The Ordinary For Some People:


Having sex with someone while they are asleep is known as somnophilia, and it is an extreme form of paraphilia. They come in a wide variety of forms, ranging from mild arousal and masturbation to actual sexual contact with the person who is sleeping. When they see someone asleep, these people get excited, and their excitement is heightened by the fear that the person will awaken and be discovered.


People who get their sexual satisfaction by injecting liquids into their anus do so. People who enjoy this paraphilia usually perform enemas on themselves because it is not generally a shared fetish.

Sadism And Masochism 

Most people have heard of masochism and sadism, and they’re the paraphilias that have become more prevalent in pop culture thanks to movies like ’50 Shades of Grey,’ which depict them to varying degrees. Masochists believe that sexual pleasure is only available to those who are willing to endure pain, cruelty, or suffering in order to obtain it. They look forward to being beaten, whipped, enslaved, and even suffocated. These kinds of practises are risky and should only be undertaken after consulting with a physician and with due care and caution. After all, pushing one’s body to its limits can have disastrous results. Sadism is based on causing physical pain or humiliation to the partner in order to get erotic pleasure.


It involves having a sexual attraction or preference for someone who has lost a limb, despite the fact that their standards of beauty are unaltered by the loss of the limb. The couple’s stump or stumps are linked or dependent in this case on sexual desire. Acrotomophiliacs are drawn to amputated body part stumps, and in some cases, the actual amputations. If they have the option, they would rather have their legs amputated rather than their arms, and they prefer stump amputations over those without. Acrotomophiliacs frequently have to amputate a limb of their own.

Coprophilia And Urrolophilia 

Fetishism known as coprophilia involves the sexual arousal that some people get from touching faeces. There are those who enjoy everything about defecation, including the smell, taste, touch, and even the act of defecation itself. Individuals and groups engage in this erotic behaviour. Coprophagia, the practise of ingesting faeces, is also practised by some coprophiles.

Urolophilia is a term used to describe a strong desire for urine. This form of meditation is also known as ‘golden shower,’ among practitioners. Besides urinating in public, some people also enjoy urinating on themselves, watching others urinate, or being urinated on by someone else.


It’s a form of voyeurism in which you delight in the sight of or enjoy donning high-heeled footwear. In the fetishistic world of clothing, Altocalcifilia is associated with shoe fetishism, also known as retifism, which is the obsession with shoes in general.


It is the subject’s erotic interest in a particular body part that arouses at least as much, if not more, sexual interest in the subject as genitals do. Generally, it is associated with the lower extremities, such as the feet, hands, and armpits, but it can affect any part of the body other than the genitals. It’s one of the most popular male afflictions. Caring for, kissing, sucking, licking, smelling or touching the part of the body associated with a fetish can elicit a response in the other person.

A fetish for the feet is the most common, but partialists may also have a fetish for the arms, noses, or hair, such as maschalgnia (an intense interest in armpits) or trichophilia (an intense interest in hair).


Humans and animals with necrophilia are attracted to dead bodies in a sexual way. In addition to being highly stigmatised, this form of paraphilia is also illegal.

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