Different Ways to Have Fun With Your Feet

The feet contain over 200,000 nerve endings, from your toes all the way up to your heels, so concentrating on them while having sex can be a lot of sexy fun. Feet are a common kink or sexual fetish for men and women alike.

Foot Fetish: What Is It And Why Is It So Popular?

This sexual interest in feet is known as foot fetishism or podophilia, and is also known by the terms foot partialism, podophilia, or foot partialism. There are many different things that can make a person become interested in feet as a fetish. These include things like toenail or foot shapes, socks and hosiery, or even foot odour. Sexual desire can be sparked by a variety of interactions, including fantasising about penetrating or dressing the feet of men or women, or simply looking at them. Foot fetishism, experts say, is the most common type of partialism (or sexual interest in traditionally non-sexual body parts).

To enjoy foot play in your sexual routine, you do not need to have high arches or flat feet. Consider experimenting with any of the following, either alone or with a companion:

Consider taking a soak in a foot tub. Foot play can be introduced into your sex life through a sensual foot bath, which is perfect if you like clean, fresh-smelling feet. Fill a bathtub or a small washbasin halfway with warm water, then use a sponge to rub, stimulate, and clean your partner’s feet. Put yourself in a relaxing mood by using aromatic soaps or salts in your bath, and massage your skin with soap to increase blood flow. If you have a fetish for stinky feet, don’t take a bath.

Try out a variety of different emotions and sensations. Thousands of nerve endings on the feet make them extremely sensitive to even the smallest changes in sensation. Use various objects to stimulate your or your partner’s feet to take advantage of this sensitivity. It is possible to stimulate the erogenous zones of the feet with a variety of objects, including feathers, cold or warm objects, vibrators, or massage oil (used in a sensual foot massage).

Put on some makeup and dress them up. Spend some time talking with your partner about how you like your feet presented. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, look for outfits that satisfy both of your needs.

While some people enjoy walking around in their bare feet, people with foot fetishes are more interested in the feet of others, especially if they are wearing specific footwear or have painted nails. For a foot-play session, you can put on hosiery and walk around in high heels while your partner paints your toenails or gives you a pedicure.

Do a stomp on someone’s foot. With a footjob, you and your partner can spice up your routine and have more fun with your feet while you’re in bed. Rub your partner’s penis with your toes and arches, simulating the motion of a hand job (use lube to prevent friction). One foot can give you more stability and grip when you’re lacking in dexterity, so use your partner’s penis as a pressure point for your own penis in their stomach. You can also rub your vulva or other parts of your body on your vulva-owning partners as part of a footjob. Prevent your partner’s genitals from being scratched during a footjob by trimming your toenails.

Lips, tongue, and teeth are all effective tools to use. Having a foot kink with your partner can be as simple as kissing. Play with different levels of sensation, such as a gentle kiss, a light trailing of your tongue, some nibbling, or a full-on French kiss, according to your comfort level and that of your partner.

Dominance and submission games can be fun.

Dominance and submission (often abbreviated to D/s) is something that some people with foot kinks enjoy (short for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism). Foot kinks or foot worship can enhance the pleasure you get from D/s if you and your partner enjoy it. Having the sub kneel and worship the dominant partner’s feet may be enjoyable for a dominant partner. Before engaging in any BDSM-related behaviour with your partner, make sure you have their express consent.

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