The fetishism comes from the word fetish, meaning inanimate object which is attributed a magical or superior power and for this reason it is given a disproportionate appreciation rather than its intrinsic value. It is a tendency in which people are usually sexually attracted for some reason to an inanimate object or to a particularly peculiar part of the body that may have some sexual connotations in itself, these objects, generally have to do with the human body , they are appreciated for their texture, which to the touch discharge sensations, they are of infinite variety and one more extraordinary than others, ranging from shoes, clothing of all kinds, jewelry, hair or body hair, even to animals in extreme cases.

It is a substitution situation that occurs between the person and the inanimate object, being or part of the body, thus, the way of being excited and feeling pleasure comes from the object because of its characteristics, not from the person. It is known as a type of disorder that is usually only diagnosed in men, but nowadays women are also known in this field. There are degrees of differences in order to distinguish fetishism as what could be called sexual preferences, peculiarities and a true fetishism.

We can say that if a person has a weakness for certain details, such as moles, they are not classified as perverted or fetishist. Like a man who feels seduced faster when he sees a woman in sensual clothes or in the case that it is his partner, they are not considered to have a fetish problem. In daily life it can be said that fetishism is used as fashion in everything, in the great advertisements of the market sexuality has been used to sell and give greater prominence to a certain product, they are minute details and in good taste that in some cases They go unnoticed by the human eye as in other cases they are more explicit when it comes to reinventing themselves as product quality .

In couple relationships, a change or a variation of the everyday always causes emotion when experiencing the new, such as a very daring lingerie set with long black stockings, the problem occurs if in women or men it would be the only way to find the satisfaction they require for a pleasant intimate relationship. This leads to the insecurity that human beings have with their own body, that is, without some object they feel without the possibility of liking or the impossibility of feeling pleasure, becoming a true disorder .

The causes of this are not known as such nor are they scientifically proven and vary in each person who suffers from it, or it is simply a way of life that they chose, but among them we can find psychological causes such as: childhood trauma , transgressions, families with imbalance proven, erroneous learning from childhood, among others that could have influenced and because of this the treatment is difficult to apply.

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