Podophilia: What Is The Foot Fetish

A sensual dancer wrapped in a snake walks barefoot and brings her right foot to the mouth of some of the spectators who enjoy her show.

The woman lets a stream of beer run from her knee, down her entire leg and into the man’s mouth. He, ecstatic , stares at her and drinks while licking her toes.

The dancer is actress Salma Hayek and the client is filmmaker Quentin Tarantino .

The scene is part of the movie “From twilight to dawn”, written by Tarantino himself, and is just one example of the role that feet have in the movies that is involved.

In “Jackie Brown” it is remarkable the scene in which Melanie seems to flirt with her feet crossed, with rings on her fingers and next to a glass of whiskey.

Not to mention the numerous scenes in which we only see the characters’ feet or in which women ride in cars with their feet in the air.

In “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the most recent film directed by Tarantino, the filmmaker once again demonstrates his fascination for bare feet, as many critics of the film, released at the Cannes Film Festival, have pointed out in recent days.

In a 2006 interview, Tarantino said he was a “fan of feet” and had a “fondness” for them.

Why are some women sexually attracted to criminals?

But that hobby, in specific cases, can reach levels where it becomes behavior that experts call podophilia.

What Is The Foot Fetish And How Common Is It?

Object Of Pleasure

The word fetish is used colloquially to refer to a particular taste related to sexuality.

Just as many people like exotic food, when it comes to sex there are also peculiar tastes.

Among those tastes, some research has shown that the attraction to the feet is the most common , particularly among men, followed by others such as wearing certain clothes or being tied.

That, according to experts, is part of the sexual life of any person, and does not represent any problem.

There are several theories about the origin of this fetishism.

A Freudian hypothesis relates it to experiences lived in childhood.

Meanwhile, the neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran points out that it may be due to the fact that the foot and genitalia occupy contiguous areas in the brain and there may be links between the two.

Other theories suggest that the attraction to this part of the body is related to the fact that the feet, like the genitals, are usually covered, or to their shape.


Specialists consider the fetish feet as a p arafilia , which is to feel sexual excitement about things, situations or parts of the body that usually are not related to sex.

Podophilia causes people to become sexually aroused by seeing, smelling, stroking, kissing, licking, or sucking on their partner’s feet.

According to Dr. Fernando Rosero, a specialist in sexual health, do not confuse liking something with a fetish or paraphilia.

We can all like different things during a sexual relationship, but, as Rosero explains to BBC Mundo, those who have a paraphilia sometimes ” obsessively and permanently depend on that fetish” to achieve pleasure or excitement.

Rosero explains that in general paraphilias are much more common in men than in women, in a ratio of 4 to 1.

One of the reasons that could explain it is the hormonal differences between both sexes, says Rosero.


According to Rosero, no single cause can be identified for which a person develops podophilia.

They can be from past experiences that have marked the person, to neurological causes .

For Rosero, the important thing is to know when a hobby or a particular taste becomes a problem.

If the person depends exclusively on the fetish for pleasure, if it makes him feel remorse and if that remorse leads him to seek the fetish again, these may be signs that professional help should be sought, explains the doctor.

“The important thing is to know that there are treatments, ” says Rosero, “that can range from therapies to medications.”

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