The Most Common Sexual Fetishes Among Men

What are your sexual fetishes ? the feet? The whips? Role play? Do you know if they are “normal?

When it comes to sexual desire and preference, there is no written rule about what you should like or not like, each person has their own preferences and fantasies, but according to experts, when it comes to fetishes, there are a few that all have in common.

What Is A Fetish?

A fetish, according to the dictionary, is a paraphilia consisting of erotic arousal or the facilitation and achievement of orgasm through a fetish object, such as a garment or a particular body part (let’s say it is something that you think is sexy). The education classes you received at school never explained any of this to you, no one told you that you could feel excited by objects, cartoon characters or even by seeing a woman’s feet, but it happens and it is more common than you think .

When talking about sex, the physical aspect is almost always explored (what to do to have better orgasms, how to make her have the best sex of her life, etc…) and we tend to forget that it is also a mental process. Our brain is a very powerful weapon and, if we can stimulate it, the sexual experience can become more intense and fun, that’s where fetishes come into play.

A fetish can put you in the mood and awaken the desire , and you are definitely not weird, a pervert or a sick person for having them, in fact, they probably all have one (although they do not go around telling it) and you should not feel guilty about having it, Accepting that it is normal can help you get more out of having sex.


It sounds weird, but this is one of the most common, it even appears in a few series and movies and means that you consider feet, footjobs and shoes to be sexual. The foot fetish or podophilia does not have to be something explicitly sexual, something as simple as a foot massage can be part of the fetish.


Many have the fantasy of being dominated, this fetish implies that spanking, hitting (light, nothing too violent) and other types of physical contact a little more rough excite the person who receives them. This plays an important role in BDSM, which is a common practice among people with very demanding jobs who need someone else to take control for a moment.


This is one of the most innocent (even Claire and Phill from Modern Family use it), it allows you to explore different fantasies and have sex with different people without actually being with someone else. This helps to change the routine a bit and add some excitement to long relationships.

Psychological Games

Switching between being dominant and submissive, power games, punishments and even humiliation are things that excite some people, and although it is generally represented as something negative in popular culture (in Euphoria we can see how a man asks a dominatrix to do it) humiliate), is a good way to relieve stress and have catharsis.

Voyeurism / Exhibitionism

We know that sex is private, which makes spying on someone or showing off seem forbidden, which is exciting and fun for many people. The forbidden always attracts us, so this fetish is usually very popular.


Bondage is becoming more and more popular and can be as rough as you like. This is one of the most stereotypical fetishes and involves the use of restraints during sex, one person is the one in control while the other gives it up to also have a power game.

Doggy Style

More and more men are experimenting with anal sex in different ways, and that doesn’t mean you’re secretly gay. Being a different experience, it can make sex more exciting and satisfying.

Sex With Other People

Especially when they have been with the same partner for years, many people have the fantasy of sex with more than one person, threesomes and orgies, this because it is a way to get out of the routine without betraying the trust of the couple.

Non-Human Entities

Be it aliens, monsters or dinosaurs, this fetish is one of the most popular. Pornhub even reported that searches for aliens and dinosaurs on the site increased dramatically this year.


The attraction is not always going to be for a person, there are those who are sexually attracted to a car, a building and other objects that produce excitement. These objects often come into play during masturbation.


The odor or the olfactophilia is another common fetish . Experts also call it barosmia, which is the excitement that begins in the smell and this has to do with smells considered as pleasant even those that are not.

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